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Register Features

  • Keep Parish Records Safely Backed up
  • Organize Parish Records
  • Find Information Quickly
  • Respond to Requests Easily
  • Output a Variety of Reports
  • Enhance your Register
Sacramental Scribe Customization Screens

Customization Screens

Under Settings, you have the ability to set Certificate Preferences and customize all the wording for each certificate - Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and Combined Certificates. You also specify presiders' names so they are uniformly applied and correctly spelled on each Certificate.

Sacramental Scibe Certificates

Are easy to Produce

  • Easily Print Certificates • No need to Mail Merge
  • Wording is Flexible & Customizable
  • Print Borders or use Stock Certificates
  • Use Preloaded Watermarks
  • Certificates Included: • Baptism • Marriage • First Communion • Confirmation • Quinceañeras • Combined Confirmation & Communion Certificate • Eligibility • Consecration to the Lord • Vacation Bible School • Religious Education

Sample Letters

Are a Breeze

Responding to requests for Baptismal Record information is easy with Sacramental Scribe™. Simply search, find, and print a response directly from the program.

  • Request • Baptismal Certificates from Parishes or Military ArchDiocese, • Profession of Faith Certificates or • Marriage Certificates •
  • Request • Sponsor Eligibility Letters, or • Affirmation of Status of Practicing Catholic Letters
  • Notify Baptismal Church of Record or Military Archdiocese with Sacramental Notices of • Communion • Confirmation and • Matrimony


Certificate Packs are downloadable PDF Certifiates in which the text is completely customizable

The Sacramental Certificate Pack includes the sacramental certificates: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, a Combined Certificate (First Communion & Confirmation) Holy Matrimony, and Profession of Faith

Each Certificate comes with 25 border styles or the option of no border so you can use stock certificate paper. Certificates can also be purchased individually

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Sacramental Scribe™ Demos

Downloadable Demos have been discontinued

Please call us to order a Demo on CD


Just Certificates™ Demo - available by mail only - please call


Sacramental Scribe™ Single License Demo - available by mail only - please call


Sacramental Scribe™ Demo de Licence Individual en español - available by mail only - please call



"Sacramental Scribe is the application we've been looking for, it does exactly what we need." Fr. M.

New Products

Certificate Packs™ are just what you need to quickly and easily create beautiful certificates - with or without printed borders - for sacraments and more!


Just Certificates™ was created for parishes not needing the Register, but still needing a way to quickly and consistently create beautiful certificates.


Coming Soon...

Sacramental Scribe Online will allow parish staff to log on, enter new information or update their Register, and perform all the functions of Sacramental Scribe through a browser - without installation. The Online version will be available as a subscription only. Available Soon.


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Purchase Orders

We are pleased to accept your parish's Purchase Order. If you do not have a purchase order that your regularly uses, please download our purchase order form

If using your own PO, it must be on Parish letterhead and signed. You may mail POs to PO Box 259, Mesa, AZ 85211 or email to email

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